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Coco Palms

Feb 1994Information surfaces the eventually ends Sheraton lawsuit
April 1994Yukimura is contacted about the Sheraton lawsuit
Jan 1995Ad Ass Bob Mullins is encouraged to look into hotel closures
Oct 1995Information about Sheraton lawsuit is withdrawn from the courts
June 1996US Attorney Steve Alm’s office response to the hotel closures
Kauai’s economy tanks
Damage done through industry closures
Hawaii’s bad economy hurts youth hardest
Obayashi (Sheraton) to Yukimura letter is found
Feb 1998Hawaii Attorney General’s office response to hotel closures
March 1998FHB VP Robert Alm’s response to restoring Trusts & economy
Letter to Jimmy Tehada about Poipu Beach Hotel is found
March 1999Jimmy Tehada writes his letter
Unfortunate problem Jimmy Tehada is referring to
May 1999Poipu Beach letter comes in starting lawsuit
Grove Farm Directors review offers because of Kauai’s bad economy
AOL’s Steve Case buys Grove Farm (PDF)
June 2001Grove Farm shareholders sue Directors who voted to sell Grove Farm
Nov 2004Kauai’s economy is robust
Kauai’s home prices are high, beyond reach of many

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